Spa & Grooming Services

****Prices may vary depending on the condition and/or temperament of the dog****


Bathing: House Shampoo/Conditioner, Brushing and Drying, Ears, Nails Clipped and Bandana or Bow

                                                (*** +$5.00 for Long Hair***)


Extra Small                                (under 15lbs)                                       from $20

Small                                           (15-30 lbs)                                            from $30

Medium                                       (31-50 lbs)                                           from $35

Large                                           (50-80 lbs)                                          from $40

Extra Large                                (80 lbs +)                                            from $45


Full Service Grooming: Includes Bathing Services, Hand Blow Dried and choice of “Clipping Style”


Extra Small                            (under 15lbs)                                           from $40

Small                                          (15-30lbs)                                             from $45

Medium                                      (30-50lbs)                                             from $55

Large                                         (50-80lbs)                                             from $65

Extra Large                               (80lbs +)                                              from $75

Extra ADD-ON Services:


Whitening Shampoo                     $5               Hot Oil Treatment                    $10

Blueberry OR Oatmeal Facial    $5               Flea Bath & Tick Removal     $10

Pad & Paw Treatment                 $5               Ear Hair Removal                   $10

Teeth Brushed                               $5               Nail Polish                                $10

Nail Grinding                               $5               Gland Expression                    $10

Sanitary Cut                                 $5-$15       De-Shedding Treatment   $10-$20

Come and Experience our Wonderful and Talented Groomer that has experience with all breeds and we guarantee you won't be disappointed!