What vaccines are required?

By state law, we require the Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccine. We will not accept any dogs without the vaccines.

What do I bring when my dog boards?

We suggest you bring your dogs own food, but if you forget we have in house supply for a small fee. You can bring a bed, but we have them as well as blankets and bowls on hand. Many customer bring toys and treats for their dog to play with during their stay. You only need to bring your dogs food and medications (if applicable). PLEASE bring food portioned in ziplock bags, or a big ziplock bag; where we can portion out food. Please DO NOT bring a large canaster or bag of food unless staying over 10 days.

What do my dogs do at The Woof Den?

First thing each morning, we let our dogs out to potty, and we feed breakfast soon after. Around eight/nine every day we start to let the dogs outside for play-time. The daycare dogs go out same as boarding dogs, and the dogs spend a few hours playing with eachother, and go back in to settle down, or rest while other groups are running around. If requested, lunch is served at noon. The next play-time session starts around one. Dinner is served around four to five each evening. Our Pups have four outside play sessions a day. Waters are checked every two hours. The last potty break is right before closing. When dogs are in session, we have small-dog and large-dog groups of dog and we run in the yard with them, we play fetch with the rope and tennis ball, plus we let them do all sorts of tricks for treats. Be sure to let us know of any of your pet's allergies. Dog's are outside as much as you want them to be. If any specific questions, give us a call!

"I'm new, what do I need to do?"

New customers must fill out a registration form, and their dog(s) must have the Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccine. There is a link to the form on the contact page. If you give us the vet's information, we can have them fax over your dogs' records.

Is it an extra charge to administer medication?

We do not charge extra to administer medications.

Are all dogs grouped together?

No, we have certain groups that play well together, so we base sessions on whoever is here. If you prefer your dog to stay seperate, we will upon your request. Most dogs have session together.

What are the Pick-up and Drop-off times?Office Hours?

There is no specific time, so you can pick-up or drop off your dog within our office hours: 6 AM - 6:30 PM on Weekdays. 7 AM - 5 PM on Weekends.

Can The Woof Den Staff Give Vaccines?

No, we do not give vaccines. State law requires Rabies to be done by a Vet. Owners can give Bordetella and Distemper. Tractor Supply has the Bordetella and Distemper vaccines for $8-10 for owners to administer. Rabies must be given by a cerified vetnarian. If need be, we will take your dog to a local vet for a $35 fee. We are located near West Shore and East Lincoln Animal Hospitals. With long waits, the fee will be higher.